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How to prepare a perfect BBQ

How to prepare a perfect BBQ

"Boiling" is about 100 ° C, "steaming" is about 150 ° C, "frying" is about 200 ° C, and "grilling" is above 200 ° C, the higher the temperature, the more delicious, so grilling is mouth-watering.

This article starts with a familiar family barbecue, taking the rooftop as a reference place, and then extends to the travel road, introducing a person or a new friend, barbecue in the field or home stay, the preparation and steps needed during the process, as well as various skills.

BBQ steps:

  1. Prepare things: including barbecue, fuel, tools, ingredients, seasonings, drinks and snacks;
  2. Salted meat: at least half an hour or more in advance, marinated chicken wings, mutton, beef, etc.;
  3. Display and display to create a convenient working table and a table suitable for dining and displaying;
  4. Start the barbecue, how to start the fire, what to cook first and what to cook next, matters needing attention, personnel arrangement;
  5. Food collocation, prepared with a variety of snacks, fruits, snacks, so that the choice more rich, more perfect.

In a family barbecue, the site is rooftop or courtyard. It will be a huge amount of work to purchase tools, ingredients, and various preparation work, as well as cleaning afterwards. If you don't have a good body or a good helper, it is recommended to go to the barbecue.

To prepare something

First of all, determine the roasting style. Carbonation? Gas grill? Or is it electric? Do you plan to barbecue often or just once? Reasonable planning, economic consideration, so as to determine the use of stoves, to avoid waste. You don't have to worry about that much on long trips, and you usually bring a portable separate gas stove, or you can build one on the road.

Second, make a list and buy the ingredients. Generally, I buy a lot of cats when there is a special price, but it is difficult to defrost the meat, so I think it is good to buy in the market, and some are slaughtered now, compared with freezing a bit more practical, especially on the travel road, visiting the market can also experience the local daily life.

Began to barbecue

Step 1:To light charcoal, charcoal has two reasonable accumulation ways, to avoid airtight, and maximize the burning area, one is well shape, layer upon layer to form a pyramid, hollow in the middle, long charcoal under, short charcoal on the top; The second is the pyramid, the charcoal piled into a pyramid, short charcoal inside, long charcoal outside.

Charcoal must not be too close, no oxygen, no matter how good the alcohol block also burn up; Alcohol block is not like wax block, after the fire, completely not afraid of strong wind, you can enjoy the use of foot pump blowing, and gradually increase the charcoal, more than ten minutes can be charcoal burning.

The charcoal, though burning, had to wait for it to burn completely, then spread out, expand the burning area, and let it spread out the fire -- too much fire will make the food scorch, and scorch will drip oil, drop too much oil will make the fire more intense, and the food more black... Remember one word: Don't roast meat over an open fire.

(Tips: small open fire do not blow or water, will smoke and ash, sprinkle salt is good.)

Step 2:Skewered meat fixed, in the charcoal lit at the same time, you can divide the labor to carry out skewered meat work, the marinated meat slices of the section, the opening of the opening, and then wear a stick fixed, vegetables, washed for use.

(When skewers of meat, you can also play with some fancy style, instead of the whole skewers of meat, you can also insert some vegetables and mushrooms in between, so that the food looks better and tastes fresh)

In addition to skewers, some ingredients are suitable for packaging with other tools, such as flammulina mushrooms and clams wrapped in aluminum foil.

Step 3:The first brush oil, put the grill brush again, then put up the ingredients, in order to avoid the ingredients stick on the frame of article; Red meat, vegetables, tofu, etc., must be brushed with oil, not frequently brush oil. I generally brush once before, during and after roasting, because the two sides of the barbecue need a certain time interval, that is, the equivalent of a total of 6 times before and after brushing oil; Brush oil gently, be sure to strictly prevent oil drops caused by fire, fire will cause food to burn black.

Brush oil while rotating ingredients, whether large area barbecue or small area barbecue, ingredients must be consciously flipped, know how long it has been baked, avoid burning on the one side, the other side is not ripe, but avoid frequent flipping, too frequent food is difficult to bake, not to say, not good looking.

Step 4:Sauce and material, brush brush different ingredients have different sauce and material number, such as sesame seeds should be in a good and a layer, because sesame easily burnt, powder added frequent way easily burnt, and influence the process, usually five points in the food when brush a, keep food moist degree, after over continue to barbecue, brush and quickly broken again; Seasonings are usually salted, so there is no need to add salt again.

Step 5: Garnish with a plate, bake and place on the plate. Garnish with chopped green onion, coriander, chili powder, sesame powder, etc., or wrap with lettuce. Of course, you can also dip it in your mouth.

Food collocation

Organize a barbecue, in fact, is also a food grand banquet, which is not only baked food, but also should be raw food, such as fruit salad, vegetable salad, and fruit, but should not be too much, one or two dishes can, shallow taste is delicious long flow, more than ready to cause waste.



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